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Best Fertility Spells Denmark– Malaysia,Egypt

Fertility spells for twins to promote ovulation & egg production for couples who want to have twins. Fertility spells for couples to get pregnant with twins.

Fertility spells & fertility herbs to increase the chances of getting multiple pregnancies.

Get pregnant with twins after using traditional medicine & consulting the ancestral spirits

Fertility spell should be cast in your most fertile part of your cycle. To cast this spell you will need:

 • An apple (fertility symbol)

• A banana (fertility symbol)

• 1 Agate crystal (fertility, protection of children, happiness, health, physical energy and courage)

• Boline (or regular knife) Let’s begin… Ritually wash your apple and banana to prepare them for offering.  Cut them up and mix them into a bowl. Take your bowl of fruit and your agate crystal and go outside (in your garden if you have one, otherwise a park or forest), and find a birch tree if you can, but otherwise any healthy tree – choose one you feel drawn to. If possible, cast a circle of protection by that tree – or just sit down and conjure up a protective shield around you.  Address the Goddess and God.  Tell them that you are ready to conceive.  You can speak out loud or in your mind.